Are You Desperate Enough?

Tess and I have had the privilege now of helping several people get started on their ecommerce businesses, and it has been a massive learning curve for us as well as for those who have started their journey. The first couple we mentored came to us in 2012, and since then, we've been asked many times if we could help get someone on the right track. We even got to the point where we thought it might be easier to develop a video course to help, and began to develop one in conjunction with a gentleman who had approached us to be mentored. Once Tess became pregnant, it became more and more difficult to develop the course to the level we wanted it, and put it on an indefinite hiatus. The reality is, helping others can be both enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. Looking back, we had to ask ourselves, why when given the [...]

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Does Time = Money?

We've all heard the phrase “time is money”, and for most people this is probably true, as they have to trade their time for a paycheck. In our humble opinion, time is infinitely more important than money, as money comes and money goes, but time just goes. We've spent many years chasing the passive income dream, and it has most definitely been worth it, but it has had some interesting side effects. When the book “The 4 Hour Work Week” came out, it really resonated both with us and millions of others around the world. It helped define the kind of entrepreneurship that we were all about. We weren't interested in raising capital so that we could fund a multi-million dollar startup that we could could sell off or go public with and retire to the Bahamas. Instead, we just wanted a few hundred bucks a week coming in semi-passively, so that we could go live [...]

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Systemising Growth

One of the great things about having a baby, was that it forced us to create much better systems and training for our contractors and staff so that our businesses could run while Tess and I were off not getting any sleep. Tess totally switched off anything to do with our businesses from the moment she went into labour, and I took over everything, which took about 45 minutes per week to run (4 hour work week eat your heart out). Taking over some of what Tess was doing also meant that I could see things from a different perspective, and was able to find ways to reduce the time even further. Trust me, when you're down to 45 minutes a week, finding a way to reduce that by 5 minutes is a big deal. Now all that sounds very good, until you realise the “catch” in what I said in that first paragraph. While it [...]

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Advice Or Opinion?

I was recently chatting to a friend who is starting an online lead generation business. As always, I get excited whenever someone wants to take control over their own destiny, regardless of the business model. He was asking advice about a particular aspect of his business, and about halfway through responding to his email, I realised that he was asking for advice, and I was giving my opinion. That might seem like a small difference, but it really isn’t. Tess and I once heard that you should never take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with, and that really resonated with us, and we’ve been very cautious about who we’ve taken advice from ever since. I guess it’s the old “never take marriage advice from an unmarried marriage counselor” principle. It’s not always that straightforward however. For example, you might meet someone who is really successful in business, and it might seem perfectly natural to [...]

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How To Price Your Products

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about pricing and branding and how the two things sort of mix together. It’s a difficult one when people get online to sell products. They often try to compete on price. It’s been an offline thing as well. People always think “Well, you know, I’m not going to buy something other than for the best price.” So therefore, when I’m going to start a business, that’s how I’m going to start my business, around offering the best price. And it’s usually been a losing formula. If you look at brands that have been around for a very, very long time, they usually not one compete on price. Look at Louis Vuitton or Chanel, or Gucci. Then look at at dollar stores, they usually come and go every sort of five, ten years, and then you’ll see a new dollar store brand pop up everywhere and eventually it dies off as well. It’s [...]

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Is Starting A Business Risky?

So today, I’ll talk a little bit about risk. Risk is an interesting one because most people that I know think that starting a business is risky, and I didn’t come from an entrepreneurial background in any way, shape, or form. My parents hadn’t had a business background. I had no friends that have business backgrounds. So it was all very new to me and I just naturally thought that getting in business is risky. Looking back now though when I had a job (I used to be an air traffic controller) if I was to phrase my thought processes as whether or not, you know, staying in the job was safer than starting a business, I would have said that “Yes, business was definitely going to be riskier than staying in the job” but in hindsight I think I was wrong. When I look back at the reason why I quit my job was simply because that a [...]

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Why Your Competition Can Afford Google Adwords And You Can’t

I used to try Google Adwords at least once per year to see if I could get it to work for us, but I just couldn't get it to be cost effective. We even hired highly rated Adwords professionals to try to get it going with a decent return on investment, and even they failed to do so. The reason I kept coming back for more every year was for one reason. Our competitors' ads never went away. Why would they keep advertising year after year if all they were doing was losing money? In 2015 we hired yet another company to setup and test a variety of campaigns (search, display, dynamic retargeting and shopping ads), and once again, they were unable to make them profitable, despite all of the initial promises. So we canned the company, and put all of the campaigns on pause, and once again went back to working on other areas of our [...]

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You Can’t Become A Successful Entrepreneur Without Becoming An Entrepreneur

The title of this article might be a little confusing, so please allow me to explain. When people come to us asking how to create a successful ecommerce store, what they really want to know is what are the steps. For example, they want to know how to choose a niche, how to source products, how to build a website etc. When we first wrote Retail Rebellion, this is also what we focused on giving people. Give them what they want right? The problem with this is that it feeds the school/uni/career (SUC) mentality that we all tend to bring when we first start out in business. A SUC mentality is where you are fed everything. You might think that you did the research, that you came up with the creative, that you implemented that new system at your workplace, but in reality, it was all part of a system that told you what to go and do, and you [...]

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Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Listen To Us

Advice One of the greatest pieces of advice we ever heard was that you should only take advice from those whose lives you would happily swap yours with. Conceptually, I think we all get the idea that if you want to be good at something, then you should try to get advice from someone who is already good at something. Whether that is personally, or through their books, videos etc. There is so much noise out there in the entrepreneurial world though, that it can be difficult for someone getting started to figure out what advice they should take. Gary V, Grand Cardone, Elon Musk and many other successful enterpreneurs will tell you that if you want to be successful in business, you need to be willing to work the 100 hour weeks that it takes. While others like Tim Ferriss from "The 4 Hour Work Week" will tell you that working less is the answer. [...]

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